Due to the disruptive impact of COVID-19, we are no longer accepting reservations for our May 14-15 “Quality for Leaders” training program. We are committed to bringing “Quality for Leaders” to you in the safest way, and are exploring options for how to do so most efficiently and effectively. Please check back after April 17 for information on how to register.


GRQC's Premier Training Event for Executive Leaders

May 14-15, 2020

Brought to you by GRQC, MCC and RIT


Are you looking for innovative ways to bring your organization to new levels of success and sustained performance?


Come and find out what leaders in business, education, government, healthcare and not-for-profit need to know about maximizing organizational results in customer loyalty, workforce excellence, speed acceleration, error reduction, growth, and bottom line results.


Mike Della Porta, Vice-President, Business Operations and Technology at Butler Till:

  • “To this day, Quality for Leaders is one of the most important and relevant workshops I’ve ever attended.  I apply what I learned every day!”


Who Is This For?


This seminar is designed specifically for executive leaders.


Enduring cultures of continuous improvement begin with leaders who set the tone and understand that change is a process. This seminar will provide you with the insights to create a plan to take your organization to the next level of performance and the leadership tool-kit to make it happen.


Performance improvement principles and tools, such as Lean, Six Sigma, Voice of the Customer and Change Management are providing leading organizations in all sectors with a competitive advantage by helping to improve their key processes, from strategic planning to day to day operations.


What topics are covered?


The two-day class features of range of topics to prepare the executive leader to drive a culture of performance improvement throughout the organization.  The 2-day content includes interactive lectures, videos, participative exercises and success stories.  Topics covered include:


  • The bottom line value of quality improvement and performance excellence to organizational success

  • The role of top executive leadership, mentorship and visibility

  • The importance of a lean enterprise approach to the elimination of costly waste in time, people and outputs –captured in your income statement

  • The best way to put Six Sigma tools and elementary statistical analyses into practice to improve predictability and reduce variability in key business processes

  • Techniques to accurately capture the Voice of the Customer

  • The latest approaches to change management and how to help your organization to be open to process change

  • Optimal ways to create your organization’s improvement plan


The Presenters

  • Terry Callanan, former C-Suite Quality and Culture Executive, Carestream; Owner, WalkOn Consulting LLC

  • Leslie Henckler, former Business Process Improvement Manager, Paychex;  Director, Business Process Efficiency and Effectiveness, TriNet

  • Michael Wiseman, Manager, Enterprise Integration and Salesforce Productivity, Xerox