2020 Performance Excellence Submitting Organizations



The organizations shown below have committed to continuous improvement in customer satisfaction and bottom line profitability through rigorous adherence to process improvement.  Each year, organizations from large to small businesses, schools and government institutions and not-for-profit entities submit applications to GRQC to be evaluated for their efforts in teamwork, customer satisfaction or  operations excellence.

Teams of examiners who are trained in Total Quality Management, Lean Six Sigma and other quality models rigorously evaluate the submitting teams and produce a detailed evaluation of the team’s efforts, results and even areas for improvement and focus.  This report alone is significantly valuable to the submitters and they often return each year to ‘up their game’ in a spirit of continuous improvement.  If you have heard of the Malcolm Baldrige Award given by the US Department of Commerce, this is Rochester’s local attempt to single out those holding their organization to higher standards.

Any organization that wishes to participate is encouraged to visit the GRQC website to learn more and to prepare for 2021 submissions.  GRQC consultants can be scheduled to visit with your organization to explain more about the awards and how to prepare for the submission and evaluation.  A visit is free and without obligation.

We commend the following organizations on their commitment to positive culture growth, adherence to quality principles and excellence in their business processes and practices:

  • Gorbel  

  • L3Harris

  • Rochester Regional Health 

  • RRH, Newark Wayne Community Hospital

  • RRH, Unity Hospital

  • UR Medicine Strong Hospital 

  • URMC, Golisano Children’s Hospital

  • URMC, Highland Hospital 

  • Hillside Family of Agencies 

  • Children's Institute

  • Huther Doyl