On this page, you can add a new GRQC Member,edit the information for an existing member, or delete a member.  Choose which you wish to do.  You can cancel the operation using the Cancel button at the bottom.

Add new member

  • Enter member information below. Required fields are shown with an asterisk.

  • The member website URL must be entered in full, including http or https at the beginning.  If the member has no website, leave the text "none" visible.

  • When you are done, click Submit.  You will get a message indicating success or failure.

Edit or delete existing member

  • Enter the member name and click Get Member Record.  The information in the record will be displayed in the boxes below.

  • Edit the information as desired.  You cannot change the WixID value.  Required fields are shown in red with an asterisk.

  • When you are finished click Edit Record or Delete Record.  You will receive a message indicating success or failure..  

Member Name

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Input validation status

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