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Do More With Less: Statistical Analysis in Process Design & Change Management

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Do More With Less:  Statistical Analysis in Process Design & Change Management


Do more with less. Those working directly or closely with public sector funds are familiar with this phrase. While funding may be cut, reduced, or eliminated, the standards for the work seldom are. In fields with constant belt tightening applying the statistical and analytical approach of Lean Six Sigma to change not only helps maintain financial fidelity, but facilitates participant buy in. This webinar will examine an example of a project that dealt with program defunding using an analytical approach to re-assign tasks, change policy, and maintain adaptability in the face of further change. Join to examine and discuss the value of statistical analysis to process design and change management in an ever changing field.


Andrew DeSantis, Care Manager Supervisor, Hillside

Andy has been at Hillside for 6 years and prior to that was a social studies teacher.  In addition, he is an 

editor/writer/photographer for Labor News, Rochester’s Building and Construction union paper.  Andy graduated from SUNY Geneseo '06 with a BS in history and a Masters from SUNY Stony Brook in '09.  Personal goals are to work in companies/agencies that address the causes of poverty in order to help people/families find social, academic and economic opportunities with which to improve their lives.  Personal interests include comic books, cooking, and the NBA.


Date: March 10, 2021

Time: 8:30am–10:00 am

Location:  Zoom

Cost: Free to GRQC members and non-members

Registration:  Register by clicking the button below.  You will receive Zoom information in your confirmation email. PLEASE NOTE:  On-line registration may not work with the Internet Explorer browser.  Edge, Chrome or Firefox will work fine.

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