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Lean Six Sigma Consortium

Expanding our focus to reflect the changing business environment

The Greater Rochester Lean Six Sigma Consortium provides a forum and process to advance the knowledge and effective use of Lean principles, through shared training and peer-to-peer relationships, thereby enabling economic viability and growth.


Guiding Principles

  • We are a learning organization, inclusive of both those who have experience in Lean Six Sigma and those who are just beginning.

  • We are a cross-sector community organization, touching government, business, not-for-profit, healthcare, and education.

  • We actively participate in training, hosting site visits, attending site visits, sharing knowledge and collaboration; continual engagement is required to stay in good-standing.

  • We share a common goal of continuous improvement through lean thinking.

  • We are committed to implementation of what we learn.

  • We are results-oriented, seeking to achieve personal business objectives as well as to improve the economic viability of Greater Rochester.

  • We respect the competitive nature of potential members, and will make accommodations to avoid conflict of interest.


Members learn from

  • Tours

  • Networking

  • Sharing best practices

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