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GRQC Board of Directors

GRQC Executive Committee

James Boyd, Co-Chair

Trish Mooney, Co-Chair

Terrance P. Callanan, Vice-Chair

Ken Wezelis, Treasurer

Kiera Kuhn, Secretary

GRQC Board of Directors

Eric Alden

Ravi Alluri

Hiloni Bhavsar

James Boyd

Chris Byrne

Michael Caceci

Terrance P. Callanan

Carrie Carl

Therese Costich

Kristin Dobranski

James Gertner

Melinda Goldberg

Sharon Gruttadauro

Kiera Kuhn

Ryan Lammela

Amber Lingenfelter

Michael Lookup

Anne McNelis

Trish Mooney

Robert Panzer, MD, FACP

Jan Schriefer

Richard Shroyer

Angela Sywulski

Ken Wezelis

Carol Wilke

Tracy Williams

Attractive Mature Woman


Art Director

Art Director

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