Day of Quality

The Day of Quality is held on a specific day in October of each year and is a time when process excellence professionals from organizations all over the greater Rochester area work with not-for-profit organizations and small businesses to help improve a key operational process at their home location.

There is NO CHARGE to the business or organization.

The day is modeled after United Way’s Day of Caring and is a great way for GRQC members to give back to the upstate community, and for organizations to learn more about the power of quality and continuous improvement. It is a very popular event for all involved. The effort culminates in a great celebration event when the organizations and their partner quality professionals present the work that was done at the Day of Quality, including the results and benefits from the process improvements made. GRQC members come to hear the reports and to network and celebrate the teams that made change happen.

Our sixth year included 11 great quality organizations including Children’s Institute, Huther Doyle, Legal Assistance of Western NY, Lollypop Farm, L-Tron, Rochester Education Opportunity Center, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester Regional Health, St Joseph’s Neighborhood Center, Trillium and YWCA.

Coming soon:  Information about the 2020 Day of Quality event.

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