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Performance Excellence Forums

The Performance Excellence Forum is GRQC’s regular program.   Offerings  generally feature two types of programs:  a case study about an organization's journey to achieve excellence and how they did it, or a deep dive into a specific quality tool or process.  Some recent programs have included:

  • Succesion Planning at Excellus BCBS: an in-depth look at Enterprise Succession, Excellus' award-winning process for identifying and developing future leaders through a combination of classroom and experiential laerning. 

  • Making Effective Decisions in the Face of Uncertainty- a deep dive into the benefits of "statistical thinking" in decision making, and how its absence can lead you to making poor decisions. (Includes a special focus on differentiating between common cause and special cause variation.) 

  • Excellence in Minor League Baseball:  Rocheser Red Wiings General Manager Dan Mason shared the principles that have made the Red Wings a beloved community institution and have won him recongintion as the Minor League Executive of the Year, not once, but three times!

To see upcoming GRQC Performance Excellence Forums, click here.

Presentations and videos from past Performance Excellence Forums are posted to the Event Presentations page in the Resource Center, and are available for download and personal  use.  Click here to go to the Event Presentations page.

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