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Would You Let Volunteers Build Airplanes?

Would you let your volunteers build airplanes? Like employees, volunteers can be challenging, but they also are the life force of organizations. In Aerospace, like all industries, people have a huge effect on the quality and safety of products. Can quality and safety standards from the Aerospace industry be applied to improve the management and satisfaction of volunteers at your organization?

In this talk, W. Frazier Pruitt will share with you real examples of how standards from the Aerospace industry influenced the improvements during the 2020 GRQC Day of Quality at ROCovery Fitness. 

Your organization may not be building airplane parts, but the life force of your organization may be stronger if you apply some of these same standards.

To view the Zoom recording of the presentation, including the discussion, click the button below

Prevention Measures to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19 in a Childcare Setting

Childcare centers have walked a fine line during the pandemic.  They have had to ensure the safety of the children in their care, while maintaining the viability of their businesses.  Care-a-lot currently operates seven centers in the Rochester area, and has maintained their operations all through the pandemic.  In this webinar, Director of Programs Shannon Rynkiewicz and Owner David Kolczynski explain the safety protocols that are followed, and how process discipline and a reinforcing company culture have enabled them to do so successfully.  They also present data showing the positive effect of these measures in ensuring the safety of the children in their care.

To download the Powerpoint deck of the presentation, click on the button below.  From the list of event presentations, select the Care-a-lot presentation and click Download.

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Do More with Less:  Statistical Analysis in Process Design and Change Management

Do more with less. Those working directly or closely with public sector funds are familiar with this phrase. While funding may be cut, reduced, or eliminated, the standards for the work seldom are. In fields with constant belt tightening applying the statistical and analytical approach of Lean Six Sigma to change not only helps maintain financial fidelity, but facilitates participant buy in. This webinar will examine an example of a project that dealt with program an analytical approach to re-assign tasks, change policy, and maintain adaptability in the face of further change. Join to examine and discuss the value of statistical analysis to process design and change management in an ever changing field. defunding using

To view the Zoom recording of the presentation, including the discussion, click the button below

Effective Decision Making in the Face of Uncertainty

So, does it really snow around here like it used to?  The GRQC webinar "Effective Decision Making in the Face of Uncertainty" provided, what else, DATA to reveal the answer to that question, in the context of showing how applying Statistical Thinking can result in better decisions and more appropriate actions.  After explaining and illustrating the prinicples of statistical thinking in Part 1, instructor Terry Callanan showed in Part 2 how the use of a powerful tool, the control chart, can help distinguish common cause from special cause variation, and provided guidance about the best way to react to each.   

If you missed either or both parts of this powerful instructive webinar series, we've got you covered.  To download the presentation deck or watch the zoom videos from Part 1 and Part2, click the appropriate button below.  And keep your fingers crossed that serious snow will remain an academic question until, say, next December or so.

Part 1

Part 2

Rochester Regional Health, L3Harris Technologies, UR Medicine, and Hillside Family of Agencies led the way with Gold and Silver awards at the Greater Rochester Quality Council’s 14th Annual Showcase and Performance Excellence Awards.  


Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Bob Duffy's welcoming remarks noted GRQC's contributions to Rochester as a community of innovation and performance excellence.  Matt Hurlbutt, President and CEO of Greater Rochester Enterprise, delivered an inspiring talk about GRE's work to bring companies, investment and jobs to Rochester. 


GRQC Presents Performance Excellence Awards at 14th Annual Showcase

Emcee Mark Gruba and GRQC Chair Mike Caceci presented awards to nineteen local organizations in three categories:  Operations Excellence, Team Excellence and Customer Excellence.   Click the button at right  to see the list of award winners and projects.

Attendees watched a video which showed the award winners telling about their projects. Click the button at right to watch the video

GRQC is delighted that 145 people attended this virtual event to recognize and celebrate the achievements of these high performing local organizations!



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Partner Programs and Events

RIT’s John D. Hromi Center for Quality & Applied Statistics (CQAS)


Lean Six Sigma training starts soon!

RIT has re-opened under strict Covid safety protocols, but we are offering our popular Lean Six Sigma certification programs in a “blended online” format to provide additional safety and flexibility.  This approach delivers high-quality content and keeps you actively engaged with our experienced instructors and other participants in an extended format that is flexible to your schedule.  We keep you on track and keep you involved!  


For more information visit our website or contact Margi Ochs, Director of Business Development, at, or at 585.261.8046 (cell)

ASQRochester Data Analytics Task Force:  Intro to Python for Quality Professionals


Quality professionals depend on data for objective decision making. A program script can significantly expedite routine data analytic processes! Python is consistently ranked in the ten most popular programming languages, and was selected as language of the year in 2020!

Best of all, Python is an open language and is free!!!  This workshop will focus on Quality Professionals, with examples of typical scenarios requiring data supported decision making, and will show how Python integrates with MS Excel and Statistical Software Packages.

Participants will meet virtually 3 nights (1.5 hour sessions) to work through examples and questions they may have.

Presented by Paul Yacci, Head of Data and Co-Founder of DataCicada.

For more information and registration, click here.

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