On this page, you can add a new Board member or edit the information for an existing Board member.  Choose which you wish to do.  You can cancel the operation using the Cancel button at the bottom.

Add new record

  • Enter the information below. Required fields are shown in red with an asterisk.

  • Enter each paragraph of the bio separately in the boxes indicated.

  • Click Preview to view the biography as it will appear.   Make any required changes in the paragraph boxes.  When finished, click Bio Complete.

  • Click Submit.  You will get a message indicating success or failure.

Edit existing record

  • Enter the Board member's full name and click Get Record.  The information in the record will be displayed in the boxes below.

  • Edit the information as desired.  You cannot change the name or the _ID value.  Required fields are shown in red with an asterisk.

  • You can add a headshot or change the headshot using the Select New Headshot button.  You can delete the headshot completely by clicking the Delete Headshot button.

  • If you want to edit the bio, edit the information in the paragraph boxes. 

  • WHETHER YOU EDIT THE BIO OR NOT, click Preview to view the bio as it will appear.  If correct, click Bio Complete.

  • When you are finished click Update Record.  



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