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GRQC Newsletter Archive

Find out what's happening at GRQC and in the local quality community by reading our quarterly newsletter.  Select the desired issue below.

             Date                     Issue                                                       Highlights

September, 2023


Welcome to the first edition of the GRQC newsletter! Each quarter we'll report on the latest and greatest news happening within the quality community.

January, 2024


Previous Year Highlights, Birth of a Value Proposition, Latest PEF Recap (AI's effect on quality), Health Forum Recap, Finding your Ikigai, and Gorbel (Member Spotlight).

April, 2024


This years' Day of Quality participants announced, Paychex (Member Spotlight), UR Medicine is published, new Baldridge Award criteria, Performance Excellence Recaps (using Qualitative Data to Supplement Quantitative and tell a story, plus How Quality is integrated into Agile Development, Now Accepting Performance Excellence Award Applicants.

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