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On this page, you can add a new GRQC Member,edit the information for an existing member, or delete a member.  Choose which you wish to do.  You can cancel the operation using the Cancel button at the bottom.

Add Member

Add new member

  • Enter member information below. Required fields are shown with an asterisk.

  • The member website URL must be entered in full, including http or https at the beginning.  If the member has no website, leave the text "none" visible.

  • When you are done, click Submit.  You will get a message indicating success or failure.

Edit/Delete Member

Edit or delete existing member

  • Enter the member name and click Get Member Record.  The information in the record will be displayed in the boxes below.

  • Edit the information as desired.  You cannot change the WixID value.  Required fields are shown in red with an asterisk.

  • When you are finished click Edit Record or Delete Record.  You will receive a message indicating success or failure..  

Member Name

Get Member Record

The name that you entered is not in the database.

You must enter a member name.

Member Name*

Member record has been submitted

An error occurred. Member record not submitted.

Edit Record

The record was successfully edited.

An error occurred. The record was not edited.


The record was successfully deleted.

An error occurred.  The record was not deleted.

Member Active?

Member website (cut/paste full URL)

Input validation status

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