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Click to hear Carrie Carl from Villa of Hope talk about their experience with participating in GRQC's Day of Quality (DOQ).

Day of Quality - Spring 2024 Participants Announced

The spring rains will bring back the flowers that made Rochester the famous “Flower City,” but we’ll also see the return of GRQC’s “Day of Quality”. Day of Quality is an annual event (our 11th event is in Spring 2024) where process excellence professionals collaborate with nonprofits and small businesses to enhance operational processes. Modeled after the United Way's Day of Caring, this initiative provides organizations with a unique opportunity to leverage the expertise of volunteer quality professionals to make significant improvements in a single day​​.


Day of Quality fosters a mutually beneficial learning environment between volunteers and organizations. 


Participating organizations benefit from the infusion of focus on the particular process challenge.   These skills and methodologies can be applied to other challenges across the organization. They see tangible improvements in the process, and improvement of the relationships between departments that are involved in the process that is being focused on. 


Volunteers, often quality professionals at large local organizations such as Wegmans, L3Harris, Carestream and Paychex, bring their expertise by offering tutorials in quality tools that help find new ways to identify causes, understand processes, collect, and analyze data, generate ideas, keep projects on track, and make informed decisions. Some of the most leveraged quality tools on Day of Caring include: DMAIC, process mapping, the Fish Bone diagram and value stream mapping. 

These professionals get to give back to the community through this skills-based volunteer engagement and they build their networks at the same time.  Individual volunteers are matched with a small consulting team of other professionals who share a commitment to quality and continuous improvement. These new skills enhance the volunteers' professional development and also increases their versatility and effectiveness in future projects. What better way to sharpen your skills in your field than working outside your industry with other skilled professionals who may have different strategies and approaches than you, while giving back?  Volunteers also gain invaluable insights into the unique challenges faced by nonprofits, broadening their understanding and experience. The volunteers learn about unique industries and the unique impact of how environmental factors like funding models and government requirements, can both create and eliminate barriers to change. Participating provides a sense of fulfillment and purpose, as volunteers witness the direct impact of their efforts on improving community services.


The partnership between volunteers and organizations during the Day of Quality exemplifies the power of collaboration and shared learning in driving positive change.

2024 participating organizations include: 


How to Get Involved:

Although the Volunteers and Participating Organizations are already planned for the Spring 2024 session, its never too early to express your interest in participating in future events!


Get the latest info for either volunteering or having GRQC come to YOUR organization by visiting: Or you can email us at!


Member Spotlight: Paychex

US Headquarters: Rochester, NY.

Paychex, Inc. is an industry-leading human capital management (HCM) company delivering a full suite of technology and advisory services in human resources, employee benefit solutions, insurance, and payroll. Founded by B. Thomas Golisano in 1971, Paychex is traded on the Nasdaq as PAYX and celebrated its 40th IPO anniversary in 2023.

Today, the company serves approximately 740,000 customers in the U.S. and Europe and pays one out of every 12 American private sector employees. The more than 16,000 people at Paychex – including ~4,000 in the Rochester and surrounding areas – are committed to helping businesses succeed and building thriving communities where they work and live.

Paychex is truly a leader in the area's Performance Excellence community. At last years Annual Showcase and Performance Excellence Awards, Paychex won two awards: 

  • For Organizational Excellence Jim Peer’s Enterprise Program Office won gold

  • For Team Excellence, our Communications Mining Tool (RPA) won silver. 

They also gave a compelling presentation about they integrate Agile with Quality in their software development structure. You can read more about that presentation below.

Visit to learn more.

Baldridge Award.jpg

National Quality News: 

The National Baldridge Award for Performance Excellence has announced their new criteria for this years' applicants 

GAITHERSBURG, Md. — The U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced today a renewed Baldrige Performance Excellence Award Program, focused on identifying and recognizing organizations that are role models of resilience and long-term success. The redesigned award program features a streamlined, results-focused evaluation process using a tailored set of new Baldrige Award criteria

Ready to Get Published

Local Quality News: 

2022 Customer Experience Award Winner UR Medicine uses that work to publish in the National Library of Medicine

The GRQC’s Annual Performance Excellence Awards are a great way for members to receive well-deserved recognition for their excellent work in the field of Performance Excellence. 

But sometimes… bringing home the “hardware” isn’t the end of the story…

In October 2022, UR Medicine earned a Silver Medal in the Customer Experience category for their project about how cross-departmental collaboration was able to improve Patient Centered Care. 

And then in Feb 2022, this paper was published in the National Library of Medicine, a direct spin-off of their Customer Experience award-winning project!

Cheng QE, Schriefer J, Sosa T, Haen S, Ferguson S, Clark A, Boerman C, Hochreiter, C, Gabel ME, Young A, Lee DE, Ackerman KG.  (204)  GJ Express: an improvement initiative to decrease sedation and anesthesia for gastrojejunostomy tube exchanges.  Pediatric Research, published online February 22,2024.  doi: 10.1038/s41390-024-03070-1.

Members Only: Please contact us for a full copy of the paper!

Analysing data

In Case You Missed It (ICYMI): GRQC's Performance Excellence Forum

Using Qualitative Data to Supplement Quantitative Data in Telling a Story

Over the last few years, computer processing power and data availability have exploded, leading to quantum leap advancements in data analytics and the vast world of Artificial Intelligence.  This has opened up numerous opportunities and challenges to Quality professionals, Data Scientists, Market Researchers, and Business professionals as organizations strive to turn that data into information and ultimately, competitive advantage.  
Listen to this engaging and insightful panel discussion as Anurag Khare, Head of Data Analytics at UCB and Mike Caceci, Business Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology discuss specific real-life cases in how qualitative data and quantitative data are used to tell a story.

Click below to view/download the event presentation.



Computer Programming

ICYMI: GRQC's Performance Excellence Forum

How Quality is Integrated Into Agile Development and Management Processes

Agile software development stands at the forefront of methodologies for creating software.


In this session, our speakers lay the groundwork with a brief overview of Agile software development. From there, they delve into best practices, tooling, and real-world examples from Paychex that seamlessly integrate quality into their processes. The iterative nature and philosophies of Agile drive software development, and foster a culture of quality, offering valuable insights to individuals and organizations dedicated to pursuing excellence.


Rochester's Performance Excellence Award: Application Reminder

Don’t forget that the GRQC 2024 Performance Excellence Award Application window is NOW OPEN

PEA Reminder

Join our Performance Excellence Community

Are you passionate about performance excellence? GRQC is for you! 

Membership in GRQC includes many benefits, and is open to any organization or individual regardless of:

  • Sector

  • Experience with Performance Excellence / Quality Improvement

  • Size of your organization

Many members say that their favorite part of GRQC is being connected to the local performance excellence community, and creating relationships with the right people to help their organizations to achieve greatness.

Volunteering Group

Volunteer with GRQC!

Would you like to partner with GRQC to advance performance excellence in the community without making a long-term commitment?  We have just the thing for you - volunteering to help one of our committees!  GRQC has eight committees who help us achieve our strategic objectives.  These committees are staffed by GRQC Board members and volunteers.  We invite you to visit our new Volunteer Opportunity website page and reach out to any of the committee contacts to learn more or to express your interest.  Volunteer opportunities are open to GRQC members and non-members alike.  We'd love to have you join us!

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